But in all this roller coaster ride, one should never forget the basic essence of their startup. It happens many a times that the people are too involved in the details of building the brand that they forget the overall look and feel of the end product. Too many theories right in the very beginning! Phew! So I started this brand 5 years back (in my head). At the time when college assignments were top priorities and all you had to do was to juggle between morning lectures and late night routine. I thought about creating my own brand with my illustrations and a tiny store full of products. I sat on this idea for quite some time, actually for about 2 years before doing anything concrete about it. Then in 2011, I got to know about an exhibition in Delhi and readily agreed to display my stuff. At that time, my products were just a bunch of stationery items. But this was my very first time when my stuff was on display to public. What joy!

After that one-time glory and awesome memories, I had a reality check when my student loan was pending. It was hard to put my brand on hold but I had to find a regular job. So, I entered the corporate world with all its perks. Somehow, I felt as if I was trapped within four walls of corporate design and a very regimentary job. Not that I was complaining, but I missed Tathya. 

This year, I itched to paint afresh and create new artworks. This thought made me contact a cafe and put up my paintings up there on display to the local customers. I started my preparations, created around 6 artworks, each one different from the other. I was about to deliver the final products to them only to find out the rug being pulled off my feet. They cancelled at the last minute, leaving me all flustered and confused. Not knowing what my next step would be, I took this as a challenge and put up my artworks online for people to buy. The response was overwhelming! I started making collections and they sold pretty fast. And all this happened within a few months. 

I would say that it's good to have money and resources, but it's always better to have passion and awesome friends around! Passion keeps you driving to create something new and friends always remind you of your potentials when you're low.