Our Philosophy

The word Tathya finds its roots in Hindi language, and roughly translates to truth or fact. And that forms the basis of our mini venture which strives to spread a cheer. Each stroke, each sketch and each illustration is the result of a truth that floats all around in the busy life, too trivial to be noticed, too essential to be missed out. It is this extraordinary out of the ordinary aspects of life, that Tathya tries to bring to life, mixed with an aplomb of colours and quirks.

We love illustrating, and it is the love for doodles and quirky patterns that has led us to create the brand. We have a varied range of products proliferating from spunky art works to illustrations that find their way onto mugs, notebooks, t-shirts and more, We are constantly into innovation and are looking forward to expanding our line of products as well.

We are a few, but we are here to make a difference, we are here to give you Tathya.

About Tathya

Tathya was born out of love for quirky facts of life which seem to go unnoticed. Based out of Delhi, Tathya strives to bring to you unending fun and quirk. With new and quirky ways of gifting in India, Tathya has evolved to be ahead of the current trends and gets you funky and cool products ideal for gifting.


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