Forgotten Indian Desi Coolers

March 19, 2018

Summer is back and so is the heat (undoubtedly)! What's new to beat the heat, a fancy fruit smoothie or an iced frappe? No worries, we've made our own list of top 10 desi summer coolers for this season. Some of them are some coolers our moms used to make so it's childhood nostalgia. Check them out!


1. Aamras

Everyone's favourite and a little different from the Mango Shake we have. Remember sitting on a lazy Sunday afternoon and sipping on those cool bowls of Aamras!


2. Shikanji

The simplest of Indian coolers, ready to be served in less than a minute. Just mix a good, fat nimbu, some sugar, salt to taste and ice water and you're good to go!



3. Badam Milk

Almond milk or badam milk is the Indian smoothie which combines the good badam (for those memory loss times) and chilled milk.


4. Rooh Afza

I guess every Indian family has served this as our very own cold drink long before the days of Coke or Pepsi. Make it interesting by adding a hint of lemon juice :)


5. Spiced Buttermilk

Something now which we can buy packets for in the market, earlier used to be a 5 minute task at home. Mix some yoghurt/curd with water and add cumin powder and salt to taste.


6. Good Ol' Cold Coffee

Summer season and my list cannot be complete without adding a little bit of caffeine to it. So many variations of the cold coffee and yet we somehow never get bored of it!


7. Aam Panna

One of my favourites, and still need my mom to make it,I absolutely love this drink for the sweet and sour taste it offers.


8. Jaljeera

The Indian appetizing cooler, used in our delicious golgappas, tunrs out to be a stand alone drink. In case you don't know how to make it (or are lazy like me), just go to your nearest store and search for the smallest packet of jaljeera.


9. Lassi

Quite famous in North India, this drink somehow manages to chill us and fill us at the same time. In case you had lunch and had lassi, chances are you are going to skip your dinner!


10. Nariyal Paani

Very refreshing, and undoubtedly, should be on this list. Just make sure that you get the bonus malai as well.





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